Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, DAY!

Ok, now I feel I must go to the beach more often. I always think it is a lot of work, but now that all my kids are not afraid of the waves yet afraid enough not to go too deep and not eating the sand, the beach really is a piece of heaven. The transition from the beach to regular clothes wasn't as smooth as I would of liked especially with poor Dexter shivering, but it was well worth it. I just love how cooperative my kids are at working and playing together. I even got to record two of my favorite sounds waves and kids' laughter.

I really tried to get them to pose with the moon, but they were just too tired and wouldn't bother.

The 2's Are upon us!

I really believe when the girls were 2 they really had a good notion what a birthday was. Dexter seemed a little clueless about the whole event, but I don't think we built up the day either. What can I say, too many events all at once. He was very savvy with the blowing of the candles. He is such a wonderful little guy, but I do feel he exhibits more of the typical two year old behavior than the girls, but I think they could communicate better too. He knows a lot of words and feels great accomplishment when acknowledged that he is understood. Sometimes he just can't state what he wants or I am not willing to give him what he wants and he gets himself into a tizzy. Oh well, for the most part he is a great kid with delicious hugs and kisses and a wonderful delight!

Byron wanted to get Dexter some boyish gifts. My girls as well as Dexter all took to the tools. Dexter is fascinated whenever I use a screwdriver always trying to snatch it. Maybe he'll be a handyman. A mother can always hope!

Now for an examination.

The shot hurt!

Cutting off the bandage.

Paulina is a very loving doctor, giving a kiss when she is done.

Now for a bug hunt. We're ready!

The first stone we uncovered had a big pool of water and two frogs inside. What a beginning. Paulina kept going back to the frogs that she wanted to touch, but we were looking for bugs. We saw a dog and many ducks, but we had to look a lot for the bugs.

We found a millipede! What a success! Now for a well deserved bath. Some of us were feeling itchy.

Random Halloween Moments

Though I felt I wasn't really into Halloween this year (didn't put any decorations up), we managed to celebrate the season in various ways. All these birthdays so close together makes the anticipation of everything low key.


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